What is this film, Leone Stars?
It's a documentary made by Canadians about the amputee soccer team of Sierra Leone in west Africa. The players were boys of 10-13 when their arms and legs are hacked off during the brutal civil war of the nineties. They became outcasts, but found hope and heroism by playing football (soccer) together. This film tells their story of how they grew From Victims to Champions.

How did the amputee soccer club start?
At a refugee camp in 2001 when the sport's inventor, American Dee Malchow, visited.  Several amputees banded together to form a soccer team.

Tell me more about the amputee players.
Here's a good profile by The Guardian.  We'll be interviewing him for our film.

How good is the team?
Good enough to make it to the All-African amputee finals, almost winning the championship in 2008.

Who are the filmmakers?  Click names to visit individual websites:

Co-director & editor Ngardy Conteh was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and moved to Toronto as a young child. As a scholarship track & field athlete, she studied film and video production at the University of New Orleans. In 2004, she wrote and directed Soldiers for the Streets, a short documentary produced by the National Film Board of Canada and aired on CBC Newsworld.

Co-director & writer Allan Tong whose films include I Want To Be A Desi (Bravo) and Grange Avenue (CBC-TV); also a film programmer at several Toronto festivals and regular writer for POV and Montage magazines.

Fiona Aboud, associate producer, is a photographer for Sports Illustrated, New York Times, Village Voice and other American publications

How did this project start?
In 2008, co-director/writer Allan Tong saw photos of the amputees taken by New York photographer Fiona Aboud.  Allan had just completed a short documentary that Ngardy Conteh had cut.

When do we see the film?
Spring 2013.  Shooting took place in Sierra Leone in March and December 2011 with remaining shoots scheduled throughout 2012.  A short film will be completed by summer 2011. 

How do I receive updates about Leone Stars?
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